Everything you put into your body and into your mind begins a journey

It has taken me most of my life for this one simple fact to sink in, and I mean truly sink in! The thoughts that you put into your mind and the food that you put into your body will absolutely affect every single part of your life. I understand so much about the human mind as it has been a lifelong obsession, and I have written many books about it – all available on Amazon. Most of my books are on personal development but I have also written a novel/semi-autobiography called THE HIDDEN SECRET. Mainly it is about the mind and its imperfections. But the basic deal is that NOBODY is totally normal.

This is far too broad a subject to go into great detail but as far as the mind is concerned when you have a thought, especially a negative one, it begins a journey that eventually manifests itself.

EQUALLY, if not more important, is the food that you put into your body OR DO NOT! I am about to write an article on HOMEASTASIS which is basically the medical term for the body, and all its bits and bobs, in total harmony with each each other. Now here is the thing – your brain and body are one and the same so you have to feed both with great thoughts and great food.

Now, here is the rub. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BUY EVERYTHING YOUR BODY AND MIND NEEDS FROM A SUPERMARKET!!!!!!!!!!! Or do you Yanks call it a mall? Same difference!

Actually I think that is an oxymoron -like plastic glass or Army Intelligence.

Back to the point. I have no intention of writing any more books about self-help/personal skills, because I really believe that I have covered it all – from Socrates to Anthony Robbins. What I truly believe in is nutrition for both mind and the body.

Right now I have joined forces with three of my best friends on the planet, who are all experts on the make up of the human body. From here on this is my life!

I am stunned that BIG PHARMA is so wrapped up in making huge profits for it’s shareholders that it will spend BILLIONS suppressing natural health supplements. But how can they prevail against natural goodness that has been around since time began.

Here is a big curve ball for you. Cannabis Sativa and Nanochloropsis Gaditana (a specific Marine PhytoPlankton) are two of the most powerful, non synthetic and natural procucts in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cannabis, in the form of CBD (which is legal) is packed full of natural nutrients and is full of over 400 natural essential nutrients. We have set up a website to explain more about CBD/Cannnabis and I will posy another blog about Nanochloropsis, which is one of the most exciting products, along with CBD that I have ever come across.

I hope this information is useful to you and you can find more about Nanachloropsis on the this site or on www.ethos.ag
Or on www.ethoscbd.co.uk

Best Regards

Russell Webster

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